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Hugo Alejo studies dramatic art with Nancy Tuñón in Barcelona from 2005 to 2009. In Summer 2008 he participates in the Stanislavsky intesive stage in the Yanki Kupala National Theatre of Minsk, Belarus.
After his studies he moves to Brighton to find new experiences and improve his English. He then goes to Amsterdam for a year in search of his Nederland’s roots. Next is Cape Town in South Africa where he works as an advertising actor and receives lessons in English diction. His experience of these cultures enriches and forms his personality.
Returning to Barcelona, enrolls in Silberstudio for a year long Acting for Camera coaching and training course with Pablo Silberschmidt and Virginia Garcia-Salmones, simoultaneously working in numerous short films, several tv advertisements and fashion editorials.
At the end of 2015 he graduated in the Meisner Technique program with Javier Galitó-Cava.
In 2016, once installed in Madrid, he has participated in series such as "Tiempos de Guerra" by Bambú Producciones and "La Pelu" by TVE. In Spring of 2017 we could see him as protagonist with the comedy "No Love No Sex" in the Luchana theaters.
He has participated in workshops and seminars given by, among others, Dario Facal, Will Keen, Carmen Rico and Luci Lenox.
Currently he is still training in Madrid with Pablo Messiez and training techniques such as Suzuki and View-Points with Gabriel Olivares (TeatroLab)

+34 678 961 051

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